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"Jun'umayu" Pure Horse Skin Oil 70ml

"Jun'umayu" Pure Horse Skin Oil 70ml

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Product Introduction

"Jun'umayu" Pure Horse Skin Oil protects your skin while simultaneously moisturizing. Doesn't leave any sticky residue, working into the skin easily.

Product Use

Please skip over the skin so as to squeeze the appropriate amount into your skin before washing your face in the morning or after bathing or going out of the dry season. Please use it especially in areas where rough hands and feet · easy to wear.

Ingredients / Materials

Horse oil

Storage Information

● This product is made of horses oil 100%. From the meaning of maintaining quality, please keep in the refrigerator after opening. ● Depending on the temperature, the contents become hard or soft, but there is no problem in quality. Please ● If your skin has scars, swelling, eczema or other abnormalities, please do not use. ● Very rarely some people do not fit the constitution. When it does not fit your skin, we recommend you stop using it and consult a specialist or a customer consultation office. ● Please tightly close the lid after use. ● Please keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental injury, get medical attention and treatment immediately. ● Do not store in high temperature places or direct sunlight. ● Allergy tested. It does not mean that allergies do not occur to everyone.
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