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Product Introduction

"100 sheets Keeban A 1S" is, adapt to the skin of color, it is a first-aid adhesive tape of the smart semi-transparent type. You can protect the wound at the touch of a button. The pad part, have a disinfecting effect acrinol the (0.4%) is infiltrated. In addition, has adopted a special net on the pad, it was so difficult to damage the wound. In addition, the tape part, ventilation holes have been decorated, making it difficult to Mure. Scratches, cuts, punctures, scratches, disinfection of the wound surface such as a shoe, please help us to protect (covering). 100 pieces.

Product Use

Stripping both sides of the separator that is covered, so as not to touch the pad, the pad is pasted on to protect the wound.

Ingredients / Materials

Pad in Japanese Pharmacopoeia acrinol 0.4%


1. In use, be aware of the following: (1) to protect the usage. (2) to clean the affected area, be careful to use so as not to contaminate the pad part thing. (3) Do not affix adhesive face to the affected area. (4) in the case to be used by children, it is used under the supervision of their parents. (5) pad portion is wet, or dirty remain standing and because the wound healing of is bad, that the re-cover. (6) The drug is, the use of the acrinol to the pad part, that you do not use at the same time as the tincture of iodine because weaken the disinfecting effect of acrinol. 2. in use or after use, by the use of a thing to be aware of the following: (1) this drug, if the redness, rash, symptoms such as itching appeared, discontinue use, consult your doctor or pharmacist the thing. (2) If you use this drug not seen an improvement in symptoms, should be discontinued use.
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