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Kao kao Mary's pants free-flowing air through big (12 ~ 22kg) 38 sheets

Kao kao Mary's pants free-flowing air through big (12 ~ 22kg) 38 sheets

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Even though I took a pill, even if I sweat, my whole bottom is dry with air thru! In the original West Gather 's "air tunnel", I threw sweat stuffy and the skin was always silky. Because the entire diaper is a breathable material, it will not let you pee, only Mure will be kicked out. "Soft fit gather" is soft and fluffy around your stomach. For a lot of moving baby, it supports firmly at the waist and prevents displacement. Fluffy material, everything that tells the baby's skin is soft and gentle. ● "Peeing information announcement signed" (with replacement if the two lines turn to blue)


● replaced as frequently, please wipe clean the remaining poop on the skin. ● stop using If you get wrong with your skin, please consult your doctor. ● so that the children do not put diapers or outer bag in mouth, please keep out of reach. ● pee notice sign, under the conditions high humidity unused, but it may partially change color, there is no problem to use. In addition, it may become the color difficult to change under the influence of sunlight. ● There is a risk of deformation and discoloration, please do not put in place to become a high temperature such as near a heating appliance. ● Because there is the color of the outer bag falls, please note that such detergent does not adhere. ● When you wash by mistake, after dehydration, drop beating with pulp and jelly-like grain to clothing, please can remove those remaining inside the washing machine.
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