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kinesiology tape beige Knees and shoulders 37.5mm×4m

kinesiology tape beige Knees and shoulders 37.5mm×4m

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Product Introduction

"Kinesiology tape water-repellent stretch type beige for the knee, shoulder 37.5mm × 4m NKH-BP37" is an elastic therapeutic tape to be used at the site of the support you feel the pain and fatigue in sports and everyday life (elastic tape). Skin you are using an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive-friendly, because the pressure-sensitive adhesive has been painted in a wave-like, has excellent breathability. Strongly in water, sweat, is also peeling hard water-repellent type and the beam overlap.


• Before you put a tape, be sure to wash, such as the clean dust. And itching in use, rash, if symptoms such as eczema appears, discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor. • The wound should not be used directly. - so that the skin does not leave a feeling of being pulled to the tape, please put lightly. Tape of the stick to pull the end and skin irritation becomes strong, it may cause rash. • When peeling off the tape, so as not to lift the skin, should be peeled off slowly along the hair flow while in such a manner as to press the skin.
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