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"Koji" Fermented Amazake (Non-alcoholic, 720ml)

"Koji" Fermented Amazake (Non-alcoholic, 720ml)

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"Koji" is the so-called koji sweet sake, but the ease of drinking in a texture that overwhelmingly Sararito compared to the general that the drop is remarkable. Although I have many people to shy away from a weak odor of the koji sweet sake, because it has also suppressed the koji smell, sweet sake is from the weak person has got a lot of voice that "drink delicious If this". It is sweet sake to change the common sense. Of course alcohol content in sugar is not used even without. [Drink drip] is said to be, essential amino acids, and is rich in vitamins, it served anyone as a healthy drink in the low-calorie. Warm also served had delicious. Non-alcoholic Now Daitsukasa brewing: 1767 (1767 years) founded. Sake name now Daitsukasa has been named the hope of the so that the wine that stands out in today's world. Continue Unusual Tanrei a Yawei rich taste as a brand to represent the Minatomachi, Niigata, still became not performed only pure rice charged "Yonezo the total amount of net", the tradition has been handed down. Snuggle in food, it is the wine cellar to perform the sake of linking people together. :
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