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LED beauty instrument "Ekusuidiaru body set" EX-280

LED beauty instrument "Ekusuidiaru body set" EX-280

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1. texture of the skin, wrinkles, firmness, care support of the pores of dilatation When the lack of sleep and irregular life cycle. 2. care support of puberty skin (acne, pimples, red-faced) If you puberty skin is a concern, when you feel the "wonder if a little sensitive skin?" In unbalanced diet and fatigue. 3. rough skin prevention and dry skin measures care support When your skin by too effectiveness of the winter and cooling prevent the rough skin or dry. 4. dullness, care support of skin blemishes is a concern When I feel like ultraviolet rays of the stimulus. ※ because it contains a very strong LED illumination, please wear a special goggles sure. 5. a lot of sebum secretion T zone care support T zone is a concern. 6. Total Care support of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... In the treatment of the skin total care support, complex care support in a short period of time.
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