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Mary's tape free-flowing air through S (4 ~ 8kg) 82 sheets

Mary's tape free-flowing air through S (4 ~ 8kg) 82 sheets

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Product Introduction

Excellent ventilation in Mary's own top sheet "Airy mesh"! ● also be allowed to flap stiff-prone crotch of softness closes the UP! Leg, because the absorber according to the movement is supple change the form, does not put a burden on the skin. ● very loose not spread the poo! Where recessed "Airy mesh", not spread dammed up the poop. In addition, the new adoption of loose stools draw sheet is firmly absorb the poop of moisture. Poop in the diaper is difficult to spread. Weight: 4 ~ 8kg

Product Use

how to use 1 diapers spread, it makes a poo block gather. Please devoted to wrapping the buttocks comfortably in the gather. So as to be symmetrical to the 2 belly of the tape to stop the [any number of times tape]. Pressed from above the tape, it stops firmly and pull the roots. Tape will fix it put any number of times. 3 gathers and prepares the form so that it is not folded on the inside.


Please replace early ● dirty diapers. ● Please do not put on your skin tape directly. ● or accidentally enter the mouth, note the storage location so as not to clog the throat, after use, please process immediately.
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