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Medicare easy dressing 38mmx5m

Medicare easy dressing 38mmx5m

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Product Introduction

■ Easy bandage just put Medicare simple bandage 38mm × 5m [Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.] ● not wound! "Medicare simple bandage 38mm × 5m" is a pressure-sensitive adhesive bandage to use stuck not wound. It eliminates the hassle of dressing to loose displacement or. Stops at just stick with quite right and the press from the top of the wound addressed material such as gauze, you do not need to roll several times. Breathability is also good, it was reduced even molder worry. 1. Please be devoted to wound the gauze and scratches addressed material. 2. Turn to the length you need a simple bandage, while peeling off the peeling paper, please be fixed from the top of the gauze and scratches addressed material. ※ Can also be used for taping at the time of the ship agent fixed and sports.

Ingredients / Materials

Non-woven fabric, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive


● Please observe the use which is determined. ● Please do not apply directly to the wound. ● moisture in the vicinity of the wound, cream, drug, because it is impaired adhesion that remain, such as dirt, please paste from wipe clean. ● During use, rash, redness, if you appeared symptoms such as itching, discontinue use, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. Please keep out of reach of attention ● children on storage. ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in place if possible with low humidity.
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