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Mitsukan follow Gatsuo rainy season Moto 800ml

Mitsukan follow Gatsuo rainy season Moto 800ml

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Product Introduction

Incorporating the professional skills of Japanese cuisine to take twice soup with bonito "Hey Gatsuotsuyu". And "It's umami" to 2 Moorish Idol of "It's aroma", it added the very fine-grained ground dried bonito in the "silk department Shi process". Faint turbidity of dried bonito is produce rainy season is the deciding factor of the lingering of soup to delicious cuisine. Noodles menu and stew, stew, such as rice cooked, seasoned of a wide range of cuisine is determined by this one. Soup of flavor and aroma, and please try all means the afterglow of soup spread. (Concentrated three-fold type)

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: Soy sauce (brewed), fructose-glucose liquid sugar, salt, sugar, yeast extract, dried bonito (crushing, grinding), Vinegar,'s a concentrated (dried bonito, dried shiitake, kelp), alcohol, seasoning (amino acids) , acidulant, (including some of the raw wheat)


Product size (height x depth x width): 249.0mmx77.0mmx77.0mm
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