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Mitsuya Cider Candy (136g)

Mitsuya Cider Candy (136g)

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Product Introduction

"Mitsuya Cider Candy 136g" is a refreshing candy mouthfeel that reproduces the taste of Mitsuya Cider. Cider in one bag, peach, in addition to the three kinds of taste of the grape, contains the "Pine" taste of Mahabaleshwar Mahabaleshwar powder-filled.

Product Use

Please save to avoid direct sunlight to heat and humidity.

Ingredients / Materials

Sugar syrup plant oils and fats grape juice concentrate peach juice concentrate pineapple juice concentrate (Golden Pine) acidulant baking soda flavoring coloring (gardenia pigment, anthocyanin pigments)

Ingredients / Materials

1 product (131g) per energy 509kcal Protein 0g lipid 0.1-1.1g carbohydrate 126g sodium 706mg


● is when one and the small children of our elderly will be served, please be careful so as not to clog the candy in the throat. ● After opening the outer bag, please enjoy as soon as possible.
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