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MY HONEY REMEDY honey care shampoo 250ml

MY HONEY REMEDY honey care shampoo 250ml

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Product Introduction

Nuts of the famous honey marinated "MY HONEY (Maihani)" from shampoo to use the best of raw honey and treatments MY HONEY REMEDY (My honey remedy) appeared. Do not rely on chemical ingredients, honey shampoo and treatment of non-silicon close to organic as possible is, and leads to sleek hair and a healthy scalp with Harikoshi. If you are troubled with curly hair, is a honey hair care items recommended for those who want a firm and glossy. ■ high-density, non-heating raw honey Precious natural, raw honey of non-heating, which has carried remains tanker of cold storage from Europe. Until it reaches the hair, we have adopted a low-temperature method of as not to live enzymes and active vitamin to break its own technology. The power of the enzyme, in addition to us to decompose the clogged sebum dirt in pores, trapped moisture to the hair and scalp by a strong hygroscopic, to prevent flaky hair and scalp problems at the same time. ■ does not rely on chemical components, "cleaning × moisturizing" of raw honey Shampoo foam to become one of the causes of rough skin sagging. By strong in cleaning components of the surfactant is too dropped sebum is a protective layer of the skin more than necessary, which may cause rash, eczema. My honey remedy is, by living enzyme-sugar-gluconate with raw honey of non-heating, was granted the cleaning effect and a natural antibacterial effect. And due to moisture absorption and hydrophilic natural, it has achieved a new "Hanikea" which can be washed while giving moisture to the hair and scalp. In fact, it is a systemic washable component to the body. ■ deep sea water × non-heating raw honey Kochi Prefecture Muroto of the sea, a depth of 200m. All over the world in the waters of 0.1% only is it said that there is no "upwelling (win Iki)" and deep ocean water that is taken from the place which is called is the miracle of water that contains more than 80 kinds of minerals. These minerals important to the metabolic function of the hair and scalp, to penetrate the scalp and hair by the "enzyme bubble pack" of non-heating raw honey, us established a mineral balance disturbed. ■ Organic to its earlier Traditionally, those of the genre referred to as organic-based, amino acid-based shampoo, I like the BIO atmosphere derived from nature, difficult to Standing bubbles weak cleaning power, or does not feel that pore clogging and dirt are can be removed, the hair is weak moisturizing power there were many voices, such as Kishikishi. On the other hand, cheap shampoo that can be purchased at such general drugstore want to avoid due to the large burden to the scalp and hair by harsh detergents. Answer to resolve their conflicting trouble at the same time, there was a "raw honey 20% of the non-heating". ■ 80% or more plant-derived component (※) Friendly cleaning ingredients derived from palm oil, herbal extracts such as lemon balm, also rehmannia root, ginseng (Panax ginseng), blackberry lily, peony, soybean, peony, cause, Quillaja, tea leaves, pearl barley, soapberry, abundant natural herbal plant extracts such as licorice but, by the "bubble pack" of non-heating raw honey, it will be absorbed into the firmly scalp and hair. ※ including the water.

Product Use

Clean by brushing the hair, scalp First of all, please have pre-washed with hot water and then about 1 minute. 1 time of shampoo is 500 yen coin-sized taken in hand (a little to generous Those who long), so as to massage the scalp. Poured into lighter in the shower, the second time of shampoo to hand the 500-yen coin-sized again. Firmly wash make a foam of rice cake rice cake, please rinse and allowed to stand for about 1-2 minutes to the bubble pack.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, honey Laura Mito furo Hill het-in-PCA isostearate PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, cocoamphoacetate acetate Na-cocoyl methyl taurine Na-cocoyl isethionate Na-ceteareth -60 Mirisuchiruku recall - PCA-Na-fragrance Horikuotaniumu -10-Seramito NG · Melissa leaf extract, Akayashiou root extract, Otaneninshin root extract, Hioukiekisu-Hotan'ekisu-Thais seed extract, peony root extract, cause leaf / stem extract, Quillaja bark extract, tea leaf extract, hydrolyzed Hatomuki seeds - Mukuroshiekisu-Kurichirurichin acid 2K-Drying root extract, coconut fatty-Linco acid isethionates Na-tocopherol ethanol Theis oil-BG-Hehe nil alcohol Henta monostearate Horikuri seryl -10-stearoyl lactylate Na-Arukinin-Fi Phosphate, silver oxide, benzoic acid Na


● scratches and swelling on the scalp, eczema, etc., Please do not use when there is abnormal. ● Please do not use when it is not suitable to your skin. ● Please rinse immediately when it entered the eye. ● when an abnormality of the stimulus, such as during and after use and use appeared to discontinue use, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist. ● Extremely hot or cold places, please do not keep in direct sunlight. ● Due to the use of naturally occurring raw materials, there is a case in which the color and smell change slightly, but you can safely is to use.
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