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Natural Eye Tape ENT350 (30 Uses)

Natural Eye Tape ENT350 (30 Uses)

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Product Introduction

Achieve natural looking double eyelids without makeup. (1) Wipe eyelids before applying. (2) Using the included stick, use the end of the flat portion to remove the tape from the sheet. (3) Place the tape directly under the place where you wish to make the double eyelid. (4) Using the tip of the stick, gently press into place how to use (1) in advance, wipe the grease from the eyelids. (2) the tip of the dedicated stick a person flat, you peel off slowly from the sheet. (3) immediately and attach the tape to the bottom of the position to make Nie. (4) the tip of the dedicated stick in round person, lightly pressing the tape. component Tape ... polyethylene Stick ... Poripurupiren Sheet ... paper

Ingredients / Materials

Tape ... polyethylene Stick ... Polypropylene Sheet ... paper
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