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Oligo one-oligosaccharide syrup dispensing and packing (7G × 40 capsule)

Oligo one-oligosaccharide syrup dispensing and packing (7G × 40 capsule)

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Product Introduction

"Origowan Chichihate oligo syrup 7g × 40 packaging" is, in the daily diet, you are able to easily replenish the Chichihate oligosaccharide, is Chichihate oligo syrup. Since the strong to heat in the sweetness modest, it is available in a variety of food and drink. Because the minute packaging type, the recommended dose of the day can be used up by one-time, is convenient to carry.

Product Use

• 1 enjoy wrapping the (7g) as a guide per day. - Put in coffee or tea, or even served over the yogurt and fruit to your liking. - Since resistant to heat, You can use it in dishes such as boiled.

Ingredients / Materials

Lactose fructose oligosaccharide, sodium lactate

Ingredients / Materials

1 package (7g) per ... energy ... 13kcal, protein ... 0g, lipid ... 0g, carbohydrate ... 5.1g, sodium ... 0.1 ~ 0.35mg, potassium ... 0mg, phosphorus ... 0 ~ 0.2mg lactosucrose ... 3.6g


- Overeating, or it may your stomach loose by the constitution, physical condition. • The contents of the syrup may crystal comes out, but the quality is not a problem. - There is that yellow coloring during storage but, due to the browning of sugar, you do not have any problem with quality. - Please note that in injury in the cut of the film.
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