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Organic Rooibos Tea (3Gx30 sachets)

Organic Rooibos Tea (3Gx30 sachets)

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Product Introduction

Contains 100% organically-grown rooibos tea from Africa. A deep reddish brown in color, it features the distinctive well-rounded flavor and slight sweetness unique to rooibos. When enjoying it hot, you can get the most of the rich, delicious taste. Rooibos tea hails from South Africa. The raw materials used in this product are purchased directly from Rooibos Marketing Limited, which is accredited by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and meet the organic JAS standards. Stay healthy and beautiful. Also, since it is naturally caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children and seniors. Description of item "Organically grown rooibos" is using the rooibos organically grown in Africa of the earth 100%. The color is a deep reddish brown, is rooibos distinctive rounded and sweet throat is Features. If you drink a hot, you can more delicious more drink in dark eyes. Rooibos is the tea to represent South Africa. Raw materials used in this product performs a direct purchase from rooibos Marketing, Inc., the original organic JAS management in the country, is a product from raw materials to products are well-equipped tray rust Rithy. Please help us to maintain health and beauty. In addition, it can because it is a non-caffeine from children to the elderly. how to use Kettle to Boil put the tea bags and water. Rule of thumb, water is about 600cc for the tea pack 1 package. After boiling off the heat, it is ready After steaming while the 5 minutes the lid. As it is drinking in the hot, summer will be available also in the ice. Put the tea bags to tea servers and teapot, it is even if you pour boiling water fine. PRECAUTIONS ● When you pour the hot water, careful not to burn in such hot water. ● After opening, please save tighten the chuck seal. ● Please save to avoid the heat and humidity. material Organic rooibos (Organic Superior)

Product Use

Put the tea pack and water in the kettle and bring it to a boil. As a guide, water is about 600 cc per pack of tea packs. Please stop the fire when it boils, it will be finished after stepping it with the lid for 5 minutes. You can drink as hot as it is or you can even ice cream in the summer. You can put a tea pack in a tea server or a teapot and pour hot water.

Ingredients / Materials

Organic rooibos (organic superior)


● When pouring hot water, please be careful not to burn with boiling water etc. ● After opening, please tighten the chuck seal and save. ● Please save to avoid high temperature and humidity.
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