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Otamatone Colors (Pink)

Otamatone Colors (Pink)

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Product Introduction

Touched by the electronic musical instrument in the form of easy! Note "Otamaton" It looks and how to play, such as a toy, but you can play a decent song With a little practice Since about to come to know the position of their own Otamaton sound of the knock down, be able to play a song also imagine a melody without music?! It is a musical instrument that can enjoy the simple sound

Product Use

[Push playing] Please try to press the tail switch. You get a sound as "Wu". Changing the place where you press the button, it will also change the height of the sound. «Point» Sound and pinch the tail switch with the index finger and thumb will is likely out. [Lip-synching playing] Press and hold the tail switch, please try to PacPac mouth. Changes tone from "Wu" to "word". When you do mouth Park continuous with "Wauwauwau ...", it will be a cute sound. «Point» Sound by simply opening and closing the mouth at the sound of the same height will change. And to PacPac mouth, it will also be fun and people who are also looked at people who are playing. [Slide playing] Press and hold the tail switch, please try to slide your finger. Pitch will change as "Kyuiiin". «Point» Initially, please make sure that the lead is sound and slide while holding down to a little stronger. Please go easy on easy to play when you are familiar force. ※ switch the octave switch, please also try a different height sound.

Ingredients / Materials

Synthetic resin ABS resin


AAA batteries × 3 pieces are used
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