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Pigeon breast milk feel nipple 3 months M size 2 pieces from the moon

Pigeon breast milk feel nipple 3 months M size 2 pieces from the moon

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Product Introduction

"M size from Pigeon breast milk realize Nipple three months", the air is smoothly moving the tongue is brought into close contact with lips so as not to leak, it is made of silicon nipple drink gently slowly. Because they meet the conditions necessary to better nursing, and support the combination is liable to breastfeeding with tits. ● Nipple: M size Three cut. ● 3 months from around May. Inquiries about this product contents, we ask the following. Manufacturing vendor Pigeon Co., Ltd. Pigeon Customer Service Office TEL: 03-5645-1188 Hours: at 9-17 (excluding weekends and holidays)

Ingredients / Materials

Nipple: synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)


● care of And secure white powder form of the food additive to protect the ventilation valve and a Yes is applied. First cleaning, please use the disinfected. · Ventilation valve and the ventilation holes, please refer to the gentle also seen washing the smoke hole with both hands. Strong wash or, tearing the valve and or pull, cause of the leakage. ● your replacement guideline • When the baby is familiar to one of the nipple, even instead of the new nipple may hate it wants. Nipples Let's use to prospect for about two months in alternating two or more children. Nipples, please note that it may tear and pull chewing baby that has grown teeth. ※ This nipple can not be used in addition to the following items. ● Pigeon breast milk feeling bottle. ● Pigeon breast milk consultation room baby bottle. ● Pigeon Magumagu baby cup. <Handling Precautions> · After use, thoroughly washed using, such as "Pigeon breast milk feeling nipple brush", please go to disinfection.
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