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Pigeon The First Mask

Pigeon The First Mask

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Product Introduction

This is a small mask for children beyond one and a half years old. Wearing this hygienic, disposable mask during the flu season when going out helps to block off scattered splashes and sprays in the air. It is 3-D dome-shaped, provide space around the mouth, and comfortable to wear as it does not stick to the mouth. Specially designed to fit children's nose and cheeks (do not use wire). The interior is a soft, double layered material that is soft to touch. Breathing is easy with good ventilation. Cute bear illustration is included on the exterior side of the mask.

Ingredients / Materials

Polypropylene, polyurethane, nylon


● It is for children beyond one and half years old. There is a risk of breathing difficulties due to regurgitation. Guardians must keep an eye on their children during usage. ● Since there is a possibility of danger such as suffocation as a result of placing the ear bands over the neck, please ensure not to place the ear bands over any place other than the ears. ● If a child cannot put on or take off the mask on his/her own, please do not allow the child to use the product. ● Please do not use this while a child is sleeping. ● This product is intended to block off splashes from the front, it does not completely prevent infection. ● Please do not use in children less than one and half years old or those with abnormal respiratory system. ● Please do not use it in wet conditions. ● Please avoid storage in hot and humid place. ● The mask may not fit perfectly on every child. ● Please keep out of reach of children.
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