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Plie Neige Kola Kure rich Cleansing Balm

Plie Neige Kola Kure rich Cleansing Balm

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[Why do not you review the cleansing? ] Once lost in the now of care, First Why not try to review the cleansing? It is a shortcut to the beautiful. Important that as possible off the make-up of the day to clean. So as not to put the burden on the skin, is Makeup was thoroughly stuck. [Further feel can to cleansing! ! ] From the popular series "Plie Neige", the long-awaited cleansing the theme of "continue every day" is a new appearance. Neither oil, nor water, nor milk. In "balm" of Cutes of cleansing, «drop gently »« clean in a short period of time »« skin». Fell hard lipstick, concealer, eye shadow also leave!
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