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Pocky - "Megami no Ruby" (6 Packs Inside)

Pocky - "Megami no Ruby" (6 Packs Inside)

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Product Introduction

Was made considering the compatibility with the red wine, enjoy the sweetness of the adult, it is a little luxury "Good Pocky". The cheese and the rich flavor of pretzel kneaded with spices, was coated with a thick bitter chocolate wearing a gorgeous berry aroma. Cheddar cheese dough pretzel, was baked black pepper, kneaded the cloves. It is gorgeous taste was marked fragrance in three of berries to bitter chocolate. Please enjoy the chocolate aroma when opening the item.

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: flour, sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable oil, cheese powder, whole milk powder, wheat protein, shortening, salt, yeast, cocoa butter, cloves, pepper / emulsifier, seasoning (inorganic salt), flavoring, leavening agents, (part including milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans)
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