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Puroporinsu Dental White 600ml

Puroporinsu Dental White 600ml

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The tar dirt caked on the surface of the tooth to be worried about, dropped to float in the double power of the white powder (bicarbonate Na / cleaning agent) and phytic acid, the white teeth longing shining. Effect by brushing ※ Specifications: Liquid toothpaste Shelf-life: unopened 3 years 【how to use】 It includes an appropriate amount 10 ~ 15ml (the cap half position) in the mouth, rinsed about 20 to 30 seconds, please brushing. Please after use and store in tightly closed cap.


- Since oral solution you do not, please do not drink. · Please use in accordance with usage and capacity. - the mouth of the abnormal, allergic rash, or appear symptoms of asthma, etc., if you feel abnormal, please consult your doctor and discontinue use. - Please keep out of reach of children. ※ In the case of sub-zero saving, it may be clouded, but no problem in quality.
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