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Rooibos 100% (48 packages)

Rooibos 100% (48 packages)

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Product Introduction

"Alpha Rooibos 100% 3g × 48 packaging" is a health tea with rooibos 100 percent. To accompany the diet. Please help us to maintain daily health.

Product Use

● In the case of a teapot Cup: 1 Put the envelope in a teapot, please drink from steaming about 1-2 minutes pour the boiling water. ● If you boil down: boiled hot water of about 1L, put the 1-2 follicles, please boiled until the depth of 2-3 minutes of your choice. Please contact Meshiaga transferred to a finished Once the pot or the like. ● transferred to cold water pot, etc. to cool down the tea boiling out as described above, is also delicious served chilled in the refrigerator. ※ depth of tea please adjust to your liking. Tea was stored in a pot, etc. ※, please enjoy that day. ※ There is a case to rarely oil film is generated on the surface of the tea, but no problem in quality because it is due to the tea leaves the original lipid.

Ingredients / Materials



● as much as possible as soon as possible, please enjoy after opening. ● After opening, please keep transferred to a container that can be sealed. ● If you are saved in the high places of the place and humidity exposed to sunlight, there may cause deterioration or discoloration. ● When you think it does not match the physical condition, please stop immediately. ● rarely adhered component of the raw materials to the tea bag surface, there is a case that can stain, but no problem in quality. ● There is the case that the shape of the packaging forms and tea bags are subject to change, but no problem in quality.
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