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ROYCE '(Lloyd's) potato chip chocolate [Original & mild Vita -]

ROYCE '(Lloyd's) potato chip chocolate [Original & mild Vita -]

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Popular potato chip chocolate with the "original" assortment of "mild bitter" It is a popular potato chip chocolate [original] and two assorted where you can enjoy the mild bitter] together. Of deep-rooted popularity [Original], the flavor of the cocoa has been coated with a fragrant bitter type of chocolate to rich [mild bitter]. Please try than to eat the taste with a different face each! * Description amount original Mild bitter each bag (in total 2 bags) each bag to about 190 g (total 2 bags of about 380 g) Shelf Life: 1 month ※ direct sunlight, avoiding heat and humidity, please store at 25 ℃ or less. ※ This product is the raw potatoes as it is sliced, we use those fly. Therefore, there is a difference in cracking easy shapes and sizes, but no problem in the quality of the product.
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