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Shiseido TSUBAKI Extra Moist Treatment 180g

Shiseido TSUBAKI Extra Moist Treatment 180g

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Product Introduction

The hair and scalp W care! The key New eyes! Beautiful hair was also in the "background of softness" [Camellia koji exploit Beauty *] With disentangle background, filled with moisture the hair to the core, to smooth bliss of touch * Tsubakikoji S (camellia fermented koji extract, sorbitol: hair scalp flexible moisturizing) formulation was spread to scalp, usage used to massage In the "very" moisture, unity sustained [Intensive care Pasatsuki-Gois] In the intensive moisturizing, softening effect, the bliss of soft feel at once Moisturizer: persistent hyaluronic acid (acetylated hyaluronic acid Na, sorbitol) Hair softening ingredients * Fine flower full of honey and fruit feeling, elegant TsubakiHisokahate aroma.

Product Use

● After shampoo, cut lightly moisture from the warmer to the entire scalp and hair, please rinse well.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, sorbitol, hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol, dimethicone, DPG, Behentorimoniumukurorido, cetanol, alkyl (C12,14) oxy hydroxypropyl Arginine HCI, glutamic acid, aminopropyl dimethicone, stearyl dihydroxypropyl dimonium oligosaccharide, stearyl Alto remote bromide chloride, arginine, hydroxyethyl urea, lactate, camellia seed oil, acetylated hyaluronic acid Na, Aspergillus / camellia seed fermentation extract solution, isopropanol, ethyl hexyl palmitate, octyldodecanol, ethanol, PG, ammonium lactate, cetrimonium chloride, BG, tocopherol, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, red 227, yellow 4


◇ Please rinse immediately when it reaches the eyes. ◇ Please put out of reach of children. ◇ If the pump is no longer move smoothly, please purchase a new body.
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