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SK-II Japan

SK-II Japan genotype-flops Politics spot essence 75mL

SK-II Japan genotype-flops Politics spot essence 75mL

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Product Introduction

And the one and only ingredient Pitera ™ of SK-II, by whitening active ingredient "D- Melano ™ * ¹" own composite components, including the "Sakhalin kelp extract * ²" "spot Reshisuto Complex * ³", whitening further heights What. Suppresses the production of melanin, inconspicuous stains, it leads to skin with bright clarity. In addition, noteworthy, syringe that has been specially designed for this product, "auto-fill dropper". In dropper one drop, since the amount of optimum can be achieved in a time of care, easily, securely, you can care. The whitening, by suppressing the production of melanin, preventing freckles spots. Pitera ™: Garakutomisesu culture (skin conditioning moisturizer) * 1 Nicotinamide W (whitening active ingredient) * 2 seaweed extract (1) (skin conditioning component) * 3 Spot Reshisuto Complex: D-Melano ™ * 1, Sakhalin kelp extract * 2, SK-II Pitera ™, panthenol (D-pantothenyl alcohol / skin roughness, dry skin prevention active ingredient) composite component of.

Product Use

step 1 After the lotion, take an appropriate amount (dropper one time, about 2cm large diameter) to the palm. Step 2 Stretched to the entire face, let soften the skin. Step 3 The areas of concern, coats, and hammering lightly with a finger.

Ingredients / Materials

Active ingredient D- melanogaster TM * 1 useful components: concentrated SK-II Pitera TM, prune extract * 2, inositol * 3, plum extract * 4 pixels white TM * 5 Pitera TM: Garakutomisesu broth (skin conditioning moisturizer) * 1 nicotinamide W (whitening active ingredient) * 2 prune enzymatic decomposition product (moisturizer) * 3 inositol (moisturizer) * 4 plum fruit extract (moisturizer) * 5 undecylenoyl phenylalanine (moisturizing)


1. wound, eczema, etc., please do not use it when there is an abnormality in the skin. 2. During use, redness, itching, discontinue use and irritation when the anomalies appeared, please consult to dermatologists. Symptoms may worsen and continue to accept. Please be careful not to fall on day 3..
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