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Sodium bicarbonate diet additive (sodium bicarbonate) (500G)

Sodium bicarbonate diet additive (sodium bicarbonate) (500G)

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Product Introduction

"Food additive sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) 500g" is, you can use a variety of applications, such as cooking and cleaning. Lye excl of vegetables, mise en place of cooking, such as washing, cleaning, washing the kitchen, how to use various.

Product Use

As it is, or dissolved in the water it will to your as baking soda paste or baking soda solution. ● of baking soda paste How to make: at the rate of baking soda to 3 water 1, mix in addition to the baking soda and water little by little. ● cleaning for the baking soda solution of how to make: Dissolve the baking soda tablespoon 1 (15cc) to 1 cup of water (200cc).

Ingredients / Materials

sodium hydrogen carbonate


[Precautions] (1) those of wood that are not processed aluminum products and surface care must be taken that it may darken to use (cutting board, wooden bath, flooring, furniture, etc.) baking soda (2) so as not to scratch the surface with a polishing action on when to drop the dirt, (please take your from trying your used where inconspicuous before) Please do rub off with a sponge or cloth, etc. (3) to your cleaning If you want to use a baking soda solution, dry Please refer to the last to wipe water because there is that baking soda remains white after (4) precious metal products, jewelry, ceramics, Please do not use in lacquerware, etc. [storage and Please keep out of reach of handling Precautions] (1) children (2) If the eyes, please rinse well with running water (3) direct sunlight, cool place as much as possible with low humidity avoid please (4) misuse and store it in, in order to maintain the quality, the product has passed please put the solution into other containers (5) expiration date Please do not use (6) when making hot water to baking soda and, when you boil the liquid to dissolve the baking soda, please note that the foam is generated
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