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Soflan aroma Natural Floral exchange 500ml

Soflan aroma Natural Floral exchange 500ml

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Product Introduction

Unpleasant odor consumption Kusashi, aroma softeners of natural aroma natural scent to enjoy And natural aroma oil blend. Washing of aroma sensation can enjoy natural fragrance · Heart brilliant fragrance of floral aroma • In high antibacterial effect, keep the room and dry time, the unpleasant smell of sweat and cigarettes to get to the clothes - flexible components of the plant born, finishing soft until one by one of the fibers, prevent static electricity


* This product is intended to use the thin container in consideration of the environment. Please note to carry or store at the time of the damage. - Since you are using a flexible component of the plant was born, there is the separation of the liquid by the storage conditions, solidification occurs. • After you make a purchase, please use to refill the body as soon as possible. And high temperature and low temperature, please keep away from direct sunlight. · Applications do not use outside. • Do not place out of reach of infants. - liquid does not directly applied to the clothing. 【First aid】 • When it reaches the eyes wash away immediately. · Swallowed when the water to drink. • When there is an abnormality to bring the goods, to consult a doctor. After refill, please read the well-read and your please be sure to display before you use the display of the bottle High temperature, please keep away from direct sunlight * Please refilling from using up the contents of the bottle. * Please refilling the bottle of "fragrance and deodorant of Soflan aroma Natural (floral aroma)".
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