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SOYJOY 2 kinds of Apple 30g

SOYJOY 2 kinds of Apple 30g

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Product Introduction

"SOYJOY 2 kinds of Apple 30g" is a nutrient-rich soy whole use, is balance nutrition food carefully baked taste of the material. Please enjoy the two types of Apple of sweetness and acidity of different flavors with a soft texture.

Ingredients / Materials

Soy flour (not genetically modified), sugar, pineapple, eggs, apple, almond, indigestible dextrin, edible vegetable oil, cocoa butter, agave syrup, reduced starch syrup, maltose, syrup, salt / perfume (derived from milk), lecithin (derived from soybean) Nutritional / per one 30 g: Energy 134Kcal, protein 4.8 g, lipids 7.1 g, carbohydrates 14.6 g (sugar 11.1 g, dietary fiber 3.5 g), sodium chloride equivalent 0.1-0.23G, soy isoflavones 16mg


● This product has been produced in the product and the common facilities, including peanuts. ● people of soy allergy, please refrain. Preservation method Avoid high temperature, please store in a cool place.
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