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Supplement for Women 50+ [15-30 Day Supply] (7 Tablets/Bag x 30 Bags)

Supplement for Women 50+ [15-30 Day Supply] (7 Tablets/Bag x 30 Bags)

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Product Introduction

Also sticking to the component, advanced one step further For health measures, optimal after 50 generations It supplements the one-pack! People think and try to take supplements from now on, we decided to one-pack the optimum supplement to the Recommended age and gender for those who do not know the take way. Anyone can easily select a supplement to their own. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding ※, children, please do not eat. Estimated 1, 2008 - One to two bags [In one bag] Blueberry & Lutein & Astaxanthin (★), nattokinase and DHA (★), Ginkgo leaves, reduced coenzyme Q10 (★), vitamin B & C (★), HTC Collagen & soybean saponin and hyaluronic acid, calcium and magnesium (vegetable Twintose) (★ mark is the original supplement of "age supplement".)

Ingredients / Materials

Vitamin D: 0.42μg, vitamin E: 3.5mg, vitamin K: 5μg, vitamin B1: 8.3mg, vitamin B2: 4mg, niacin: 5mg, vitamin B6: 4.1mg, folic acid: 177μg, vitamin B12: 21μg, biotin: 167μg , pantothenic acid: 10 mg, vitamin C: 346 mg, calcium: 58 mg, magnesium: 29 mg, vitamin P (hesperidin): 3.8 mg, inositol: 17 mg, reduced coenzyme Q10: 15 mg, ginkgo leaf extract: 60 mg (flavonoids: 24%, terpene lactones: 6%), Bacillus natto culture extract powder: 25 mg (nattokinase: 500FU), tocotrienols: 6 mg, DHA: 41 mg, lutein: 5 mg, astaxanthin (as free form): 2 mg, cyanidin 3-glucoside: 1.2 mg, vegetable Tsuintosu: 83 mg, as a soy isoflavone aglycone: 2.625mg (total isoflavones: 2.7 mg), active soybean saponin B type: 6.3 mg, coenzyme Q10: 7.5 mg, HTC collagen: 113 mg (tripeptide-rich collagen peptide ), Hyaluronic acid: 1.3mg [Cyanidin-3-glucoside, blueberries (bilberry) extract 10mg, it will be included in the black soybean seed coat extract 13.3mg. ]
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