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Teteo Baby's First Toothbrush STEP3

Teteo Baby's First Toothbrush STEP3

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Product Introduction

- natural baby teeth brush packed with ideas to step up! • When it has grown back teeth. ! Bristles with a waist that was also suitable for back teeth! - tailored to the development of the hand, easy to hold grip. And finishing brush with the same waist and polishing. • While brush part of the tooth and the tooth and, easily accessible Yamagata cut into the groove of the back teeth.


A measure of the number of teeth: nine - (Reference: from 12 countries around May)


Handle: polypropylene Rubber parts: Water-contained styrene-isoprene copolymer resin Hair: Nylon


· Play remains toothbrush plus, please guidance that you do not or run. Incorrectly it can cause serious accidents, such as poke the throat. · Please do not use it for any other purpose than toothpaste. - Since children behaves unexpected, please let used under the sure guardian of supervision. After use is washed well, please keep in a clean out of the reach of children from is sufficiently dried. * Please instructed to not pull the brush head strongly chewing. Torn, broken, etc., there is a risk of damage or deformation. • If this product feel abnormality during use, please consult your dentist.
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