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[Third drug class] cafe cool 500 12 follicles

[Third drug class] cafe cool 500 12 follicles

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Product Introduction

○ 1 daily dose 500mg (3 packages) anhydrous caffeine compounded ○ many times attacked come to the removal of sleepiness, fatigue! ○ Cool stimulation happy, bitter sour grapefruit taste! ○ anytime and anywhere without water Nomeru!

Uses / Indications

Removal of Nemuki (sleepiness), fatigue

Recommended Dosage

Adult (15 years or older) 1 times 1 package, please take as up to three times a day. Please take interval is at least 4 hours.

Ingredients / Materials

Anhydrous caffeine 500mg


Precautions Something you can not do Not when the current symptoms or worsening protected, side effects prone) 1. The following people, please do not take  (1) who have the following symptoms.     Hyperacidity   (2) the person who received the following diagnosis.       Heart disease, gastric ulcer 2. While you are taking this drug, please do not take the following medicines Other drowsiness prevention drugs 3. Please do not take at the same time as the drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee or tea 4. kept to take a short period of time, please do not continuous use
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