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Tsujiri Ichi Matcha (30g)

Tsujiri Ichi Matcha (30g)

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Product Introduction

Matcha derived from "Tencha" is made by first covering and blocking the the plants from the sun, which makes for saplings rich in "umami". Then the plants are steamed and dried before removing the veins from the leaves. The leaves are then ground with mortar and passed through a sieve to produce a fine powder. The container is not intended for storage. As color and flavor may fade over time, please enjoy it soon after breaking the seal. In addition to be enjoyed as a beverage or with Japanese tea ceremony, it can also be used in cooking, mixed with salt or tempura batter, for example.

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: green tea


Product size (height x depth x width): 65mm × 55mm × 55mm
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