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Universal yeast-kun 23ml

Universal yeast-kun 23ml

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Product Introduction

Lactic acid bacteria support a healthy life! Yeast and lactic acid bacteria derived from a plant will support your daily habit. Universal yeast-kun, it is said dandelion root extract, mugwort leaf extract, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, and was born from the minerals of collaboration "fairy liquid". Gargle, itching of the eye, heat rash, nose, constipation, dandruff, eye boogers, eye drops, toothpaste, pet of cataract, bad breath, body odor, universal solution that can be used, such as itching. Chemical components are not used at all. In the single (23ml), 2 110 million pieces and lactic acid bacteria 140 million pieces yeast is alive. When the bacteria balance is ready an increasing number of good bacteria, you can spend a healthy until the people from the baby of our elderly. Moreover, it is also ideal for pet care.

Product Use

Be diluted with water, even undiluted solution is OK. If you want to dilution and the water does not contain chlorine, such as mineral water 1: were combined in 3 put in a spray container, please use hesitate to widely.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, dandelion root, mugwort leaf, salt


- the bottom of the container may blackish precipitate is produced. This is what the extract component of dandelion and mugwort has been re-aggregation. Come cloudy white during use, it is due to the increasing number of yeast, lactic acid bacteria. In addition, yeast, lactic acid bacteria form colonies, sometimes whitish suspended matter occurs. Since both the quality is not a problem, please use Shake well. Yeast, lactic acid bacteria of the "universal yeast-kun" will hate the air. Please be sure to close the cap after use. While repeatedly exposed to the air, it will continue to gradually blackish discoloration. After opening, it is recommended that you use up within two to three weeks. To keep the balance, bacteria is when you use, please take care not to touch directly on the tip of the container. And storage Avoid direct sunlight, thank you at room temperature. Please do not place the product in a location that will be used as a refrigerator and high temperature. And pharmaceuticals way to use, please refrain.
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