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Woman of desire leg slender brushed back pile leggings Black L-LL 150D

Woman of desire leg slender brushed back pile leggings Black L-LL 150D

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Chock "back pile" in the all-time high of warmth. There was anyway. Legs slender. Warm pile material tightly dense on the back ●. ● touch of smooth brushed back pile in soft ● Do not miss the air warmed by the body temperature! ● shut the cold outside air in high barrier properties out! ● leg slender by-stage wearing pressure design. ● 150 denier matte black. 【size】 ● Size: M-L ● Height 150-165cm ● hip 85-98cm ● Size: L-LL ● Height 155-170cm ● hip 90-103cm [Color] black 150 denier [Material composition] nylon polyurethane


· In use, if you feel irritation on your skin, itching, rash, pain, etc. stop using it immediately, consult your doctor. · Because of the nature of the material, when wearing, pill may be made by friction. 【Notes on washing · discoloration】 · There may be fallen colors due to friction. · Please avoid overlaying and wearing while wet, as there may be color shifts. · Wash separately from items with different colors, please dry quickly without leaving wet after washing. · Melt the neutral detergent in lukewarm water, please wash your hands. · Please avoid putting on putting on. · Please avoid using the dryer. · Please do not use chlorine bleach absolutely.
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